Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new day

Yesterday my mom, Abby(Jon's girlfriend),my kids and I drove to O'hare airport to pick up Jon. I was nervous that construction traffic would be horrible so we left 2.5 hours before his flight was to land. We were just about to get off at the O'hare oasis to kill some time when Abby got a phone call from a pay phone. It was Jon! He was able to catch an earlier flight and was already at baggage claim. So we continued up the road to O'hare. Anyone that knows me know's that I am horrible with congested traffic. I asked my mom to please pay attention to the signs so I knew where to go. It is hard to keep my eye on my lane, the millions of jerk taxi drivers and limos and read signs! Of course mom was far to excited to hear me or to even understand that I had just looped around the damn airport 3 times! Some how we ended up where the freight goes into the gates... Anyway we finally found hourly parking. We got a close spot to the terminal too! We get to baggage claim where Jon was suppose to be waiting. Oh back track a bit.. Jon gave both my mom and Abby very specific instructions as to where he would be, they could not remember all they got was US airways terminal 1. So we walk all the way down the one Jon... I suggest calling him but he had called from a pay phone, so we started to walk down the other end when Piper spotted Jon... It was a very sweet moment. After he gave all of us big hugs he realized I had the baby with me. He could not get Austin out of his car seat quick enough!! We finally get out of O'hare and on our way back to Minooka. Jon was getting hungry so we stopped in Channahon at Lonestar. Too be honest I don't think he was hungry as much as he was THIRSTY. He ordered 2 Miller lites and his dinner.

We got back to mom's and of course he had to show us pics. Some really nice pics, some very goury pics. He gave us our gifts. Mostly jewlery and perfume. It was very nice. He oogled over Austin and for the first time in a LONG time my brother looked happy and relaxed.

He will leave July 3rd to go back to Afghanistan for a month. His time home I am sure will be very busy and bitter sweet. HOpefully he is able to spend a lot of time with his daughter Piper

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