Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh how time flies

It seems like yesterday that I had Austin. Almost 7 weeks has gone by and I am loving every single minute of it. He is growing like crazy, although most people comment on how "small" he is, until they pick him up! He had the newborn look for a nanosecond and now looks like a little man, bald spots and all!
He has started to hold his head up more and have control of it. He has started laughing,smiling,and cooing. Our nieces, Emily and Katelyn are completely enamored with him, it's so very sweet. Katelyn, my little helper, has taken to him as her own. She has even named her baby doll, Baby Austin.
Elizabeth is doing well... as well as a 4 year old with sass can adjust. Yesterday was her last day of school and once I get my scanner out I will scan some pictures. Chris has been off work for almost 2 weeks so that has helped. Right now we are gearing up for Austin's Baptism. My brother will be home so we have a short amount of time to plan it. Hopefully the weather cooperates as my FIL is unable to get the party tent that he partly owns. So we won't have a tent or the tables and chairs. So now I am in a pickle with seating for 60 people!!! Hopefully something comes through for us as our budget is kind of tight. We are having 2 inflatable bouncers, one for the "big" kids and one for the little ones. It should be fun! If it does rain I will just have to deal with wall to wall people in my 1200sq foot house! UGH!!! NIGHTMARE!!!

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