Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleeping beauty!

What a beautiful day to spend with family! We started out the day with homemade pancakes,a shower, and a little bit of cuddling. We finally got our act together and got out the door. We took 2 cars because Chris wanted to take his truck to get new tires, and instead of waiting he figured we could go out to Menards to get the ceiling fan and blinds for Austin's room. Well... we got to sears and got that all set up and walked around the mall for a bit. I was feeling up to walking around and hell at this point it can't hurt much other than my back! Any how... We came up to the Disney Store, Elizabeth went NUTS! Good thing they had rockin sale! So daddy felt like spoiling her a little bit... she got new Arial flip flops,sunglasses, and a Hannah Montana stationary type kit. It came with all of Elizabeth's favorites, markers, colored pencils,a pad of paper, ruler,pen and pencil sharpener. She was on cloud 9. We then set out to find the Easter Bunny... we finally found him in front of Macy's. There was No line, no kids, no nothing around the darn bunny. We get up there and she says to me..." I don't think I want to sit on it's lap..." so we tried to get her in there to take a picture, no way! I really don't blame her either. He is kind of scary looking. By the time we made it back to Sears the truck was done.Needless to say we never made it to Menards... We then went to his mom's house. Everyone was there, which was nice. All the kids were able to play together and they even were able to go to the park. I stayed back to help with diner. By 6pm, my pant leg was getting tight! holy hell are my legs and feet swollen! It looks like I have elephantitis! We got home around 8 pm and got Elizabeth into bed. I just went in to check on her and could not resist snapping this pic. Don't mind the "rug burn" looking scab on her head. She took a tumble over her handle bars a few days ago....

On that note, I am going to bed as well.

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