Sunday, March 29, 2009

what a great baby sprinkle

Today my dear friends Kelly and Ryan threw me a baby sprinkle. I was quite excited about seeing some friends I had not seen in some time. I got ready and out the door Elizabeth and I went. We get to Ryan's and I try to do a 3 pt. turn to back into a parking spot. To my surprise ( and baby brain) the field that I was attempting to do my 3 Pt. turn was very mushy to say the least and my van started to sink... I was STUCK! I called Ryan and her brother came out to see if he could get it out. NO LUCK! If anything he got it stuck worse. I ended up calling a tow truck! Anyway... aside from that the day was great! I am so blessed to have great friends and great family!

We started out by eating, my favorite thing to do these days although eating does not agree with me most days. Followed by the guess the candy in the diaper game. This was hilarious!!! The candy was still warm and mushy and just added to the gross factor! The only request I made when the girls started planning games was no "guess the size of Andrea" game... Guess what, they did it! It was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. The winner of that game.... Elizabeth! But paybacks are a witch! I will post pictures once I get them emailed to me.

It was now time to open gifts! Again I am blessed to have such generous friends and family! Austin is set with summer clothes! YEAH! We now have over 540 size 1 diapers and about 100 Newborn diapers. And my favorite baby item... super soft blankets!!! I also got 2 umbrella strollers. I have a few items that are a need more than a want to purchase, but they are small items. I think it is safe to say that if Austin were born tomorrow we would be prepared. Sure his room is still a mess, the crib is still in the garage, spackle still on the walls, and crap everywhere. But he is rooming in with us until I heal from my section, so I guess it would be ok.

Elizabeth seems to be getting excited about Austin's arrival. She is now interacting with my belly and talking to him. But it could be she saw all the lovely ladies talking to my belly today too...
We are now counting the days til we meet our son. We are very excited and truely blessed.

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